About me

Vinny Soor

I’m a female Artist, born in Arusha Tanzania who fell in love with its landscapes, animals and people very early on. My work usually drips with colour, reflective of the many adventures and experiences I yearn for when I’m in my other home, London. I travel between the two frequently, for work and pleasure. Having a background in International Development & Planning Consultancy continually nurtures and feeds my creative projects. I’ve painted and drawn since I can remember and traditionally love Oils, Acrylics & Pastels. Most recently I’ve been producing work with Inks, Watercolours & Markers.

My Art aims to evoke empathy, compassion, tolerance, wonder, joy and positivity in the viewer. It invites you to re-think your reactions or perceptions to shared experiences and feelings. Hopefully this year will provide further platforms to share my work and vision especially from a female perspective. As an Artist it’s important to express an idea or opinion and trigger an emotional response, or even an impetus to action, whatever that may be.

You can see more on Instagram: @vinnysoorcreates